August 11, 2017

The 12 Hour Music Transcription service


I am in the process of creating different levels of my music transcription service for your benefit. Right now, I have a 12 hour music transcription service that is for people who either have huge transcriptions that will take at least 12 hours or if they have a transcription they need done in 12 hours. The price is $500. If you go under Audio Music Transcription in the site, you’ll see that I can put your audio into music transcription with astounding accuracy. Now, I am revamping my service to get quick transcriptions done. If you want the 12 hour service, feel free to buy the service and then once I get the email that you bought it, I will email you confirming this. I will accept payments for this music transcription via PayPal at this point, or check by PayPal or mail. If you want to pay for a music transcription by check, make the check out to Cody Weinmann and I will be sure to get your transcription done within 12 hours.

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