CJW Music Transcription Services

On this page, I give you a list of the services that I offer (that is, in addition to the works page of course).


I offer music composing services as my primary service. If you are a solo musician, chamber ensemble who needs new original music, or if you are a full-fledged concert band and orchestra, I would be honored to compose music for your ensemble or event. You could either contact me at my contact form to request music composing services or you can contact me on Thumbtack. You could also find me on Youtube and Facebook.


If you have any music that is, say written for orchestra and need it reduced down to piano, or if you have piece that needs to be arranged from woodwind quintet to a rock orchestra, I offer some cool features and competitive pricing on my arranging services.


I digitally restore old sheet music! No matter how battered the score has been in the past (with a few exceptions of course), all I would need would be a PDF or other image file to copy music from and some time! I could handle the rest. You can read all about what it takes on my Engraving services page.

Audio Music Transcription

I also transcribe the music to audio that is deemed original musical audio by newer artists. Note: due to copyright laws, I can only transcribe audio that is an original unpublished person’s recording. You could learn all about this on the Audio Music Transcription page


I also give lessons to students of all ages and abilities! Since I live in Diamond Bar, I am able to travel to people who live in Diamond Bar, Walnut, Pomona, Glendora or Covina. But out-of-staters or those in further territories, no need to fear! Don’t despair! I do online/skype lessons. Feel free to contact me via my contact form and I can arrange details with you on where and how we can set up lessons. For more information on this, visit the lessons page.