Engraving Services

One of the great features of CJW Music is the engraving services that are done. I repair and digitally enhance old scores that have been through so much through the years that they are sometimes missing those little musical details that are so important to performance.

Here is an example of what digital engraving looks like when it’s done:

As from that sample, you could see that the music engraving process is extremely involved but rather rewarding. It is an honor and a privilege to digitally enhance scores to ensure the future of concert music or any other music to be played for years to come.

For musical engraving, I would require a paper score all bound with no missing pages either hand-written or type-set in fairly good condition so as to ensure accurate results for the digital print out.  Depending on the length of the score, budgets usually go from $60-$250 as a fixed price deal. On a per-page basis, I charge $2.50 per page on average. I prefer Paypal for payment, but if you need to send a check, send it via snail mail.