Hello and Welcome to CJW Music Transcriptions! My name is Cody Weinmann. I’m a composer, orchestrator and music transcriber who writes music for bands, choirs, chamber ensembles, solo artists and more. I started a website as a home for all of this activity in 2015 with the goal of providing a one stop service and shop for musicians looking for compositions and transcriptions with competitive rates in Southern California.

Be sure to check out my music transcription samples to give you an idea of the kinds of music transcription services and deliverables I can provide to you.

For example, I can do the following:

  • Lead sheets
  • Solo sheets
  • Piano transcriptions
  • Chamber music transcriptions, compositions and arrangements
  • Full orchestrations, transcriptions and arrangements

I also take music audio files that musicians and hobbyists send to me and turn those into music notation files. Hence, the music transcription service I offer. Feel free to check out the CJW Music Services pagefor more information on services, pricing, consultations and more.

I also teach piano, voice, music composition and music transcription courses to teach people how to do all the things that I do with music. Go ahead and check out the courses section for more information.

You could also go to my shop where I have compositions and audio files and my latest releases for music transcription, music-related apparel, and other music accessories (instrument parts and accessories, etc.)

If you would like to subscribe to my site and give it a test drive, I am offering a free three page music transcription within 24 to 48 hours. All you do is opt in with your name and email address and you get that plus instant updates from my blog and other updates when more music transcription, books, or music education products come out.

Feel free to go and do a tour of my site and check out all there is to offer. Check back often as I update this site at least once a week.