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How To Get Started with Music Transcription

Music engraving is one of those fields that require an immense amount of planning (in finding gigs in the fields) and once in the gig, an intense amount of concentration. Not to mention, you need to have the musical ear and the musical background in order to do this sort of gig. Music Engraving—An Overview […]

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Old Post of Music Transcription!

Want A Good Piano Music Transcription? If you are in need of some good piano music (music transcription) for inspiration for your next composition: The Well Tempered Clavier . This is a collection by Johann Sebastian Bach featuring little tunes transcribed in every single key, all twelve majors and 36 minors.

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Welcome To CJW Music Transcriptions

Welcome to CJW Music Transcriptions, the one place where individual lessons and original sheet music meet! It is my goal to make music for others. The goal is to give more people access to affordable music and music education that is purely online, by means of live video lessons and popular video lesson packages.   […]

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